Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lawd Lawd Month II is hawd!

Month 2 Day 3- I can barely move my arms this morning......My husband had to cut my steak last night. Wow! Four different types of pushups. What masochist sat around and invented different kinds of pushups? All I know is I never want to be a Hindu if that's the pushups they have to do! PU as I like to call them has always been my "Achilles Heal" so that is why I know they are important, but it was all I could do to get them done. I am not making it all the way through the reps, but I'll get there. in all things in my life I do have a funny story. There is a surprise benefit to muscle failure that I never knew before that I would like to share. My husband Rick was in the kitchen putting together our dinner while I was in the living room doing the strength workout. I really was struggling......I was groaning and (blush) moaning alot. Rick peeked his head around the door and gave me the suggestive Groucho Marx eyebrow raise and then went back in the kitchen. I did the rest of the strength workout and moved on to the bonus round and core/ab and the groaning and (blush) moaning increased. Once again there's Groucho. So when I finally got done with abs and core I went in to the kitchen and said "What!!!!????" Rick shyly smiled and said "That was really hot, like $24.95 a minute hot."
Who knew?


  1. Ginger,
    You go hot thang! What makes me feel hot is a man in the kitchen doing the cooking for me! heehee My husband stays out of my way completely during workouts, leaving me instead with our 20 pound dog that thinks its fun to run under my chest and sit down during pushups.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. I AGREE about those pushups!! I can only hope my arm definition will follow suit...and by the way, I think you're worth more than $24.95/hour! HA HA

  3. Ginger- that is awesome!
    I had to laugh last night because I asked Dave to do abs/core with me and he said "no". I asked why and he said "I had chili for lunch".

  4. Here's to the hidden benefits of the PU workout. ;o)

  5. My funny story about all those PUs and the strength work outs in general is that my boys have been sneaking in some weight lifting when I am not looking.

    One day they got to comparing notes on how many push ups they could do. Not many. In a competitive moment, I got up and started to do them and when I hit 8, my son Connor said,"You can stop now." I said, "I am not done." And Connor said, "Stop. You have embarrassed us enough."

    Ok, maybe this is a lesson for me. Never do more push-ups than the guys you love. It hurts their ego. Note taken.

    Ginger: I TOLD you this work out was a bear!