Monday, March 2, 2009

Whew What a Week!

I am so glad that week 6 is over. It was one of those weeks that I kept getting in my own way. It started out really great - my relationship with my intervals is still very good. I can't say exactly that I love them anymore since I am doing the minute ones, but I do know that intervals are probably the biggest reason why my running is getting so much stronger, so I have a guarded appreciation for the exercise! Anyway after Tuesday one thing led to another and I was unable to do my Wednesday and Thursday workouts. Project grad Matt made a statement at one of our Saturday get togethers that rang so true for me after last week. Having to miss those workouts did make me feel cheated. But I showed the fates! I did both my strength workouts on Friday. Boy, did I pay for it in yoga class Saturday, but the good news is that I made it through them and yoga class too.
I ran as scheduled on Sunday and knocked a little time off my run, so I think I am back on track.

I just wanted to say thanks to all who were at Saturday's get together after Chris' class. I left with such a great warm feeling. The room was full of "Good, good, good good Vibrations" as the Beach Boys would say. Pam bringing in that wonderful childs book with Bob Dylan's words was really awesome. I have an absolutely precious great niece and great nephew and two more babies soon to be born. I always make sure to buy them feel good about yourself books. They each have Dr. Seuss' "Oh, The Places You Will Go" and a lovely book called "On the Night You Were Born". I am going to order each of them the Bob Dylan book as well.

I am glad to be starting Week 7 - I just can't believe it! Spring is right around the corner. Saturday is the 10K prerace in preparation for the Mini. I am really excited about it. I will have a much better idea of how prepared I am after that. But with this great training, I really think I will be ready. Good night and good luck to all of us this week!


  1. Great stuff Ginger! I am going to start looking at missed workouts like that ... like I have been cheated. I think that might provide added motivation to get it done! I too cannot wait for spring. I hope this is our last cold snap!

  2. Hey Ginger! I will be there Saturday too...good luck!!