Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Back from a Set Back

Hi everyone. I have been away from the blog for too long! I have been down with an injury......just when you think that things are going so well and couldn't get any better, BAM! Two Sundays ago I was out for my 7 mile run on the Monon. It was a great day and I was anxious to add a half mile on to my longest ever endeavor. About three miles into it, my left ankle started feeling funny - not hurting exactly just funny. By three and a half and time for me to turn around and head back, it was really hurting. I stopped to give it a break, walked a bit and it seemed better. Running didn't feel any worse than walking so I ran. By the time I was done stretching, steaming and showering, it hurt to put weight on it. I got home, tried ice, then a wrap but nothing helped. Called the doc Monday morning and after a horrible experience including being told that I shouldn't expect to be able to do that AT MY AGE, I was told that it was probably a stress fracture. I cannot tell you how down I felt. It literally knocked all the wind out of my sails. I saw my Mini go out the window. I saw all kinds of implications about fragile bones. I was really low. I let Chris know what was going on Tuesday and after a long telephone conversation, I felt better than I had since this all happened. He gave me hope and we talked about plan B :>)
Now to the good news.......after an xray and a CT scan, I do not have a stress fracture. I am seeing a sports medicine doc tomorrow who specializes in running injuries. Hopefully, he will tell me that it is tendonitis or all because of my running shoes or something and that if I lay low for a couple of weeks, all will be well. That is what I am directing my energy towards.
I am back doing what I can as far as strength training, but I really have to watch it. Even yoga hurts right now. That makes me so sad, but I know that it is temporary.
I have missed interacting with all of you and plan on being at Au Bon Pain at the least this Saturday. It's not that I didn't want to be there, but I felt so low, that I didn't feel I had anything to share.
But I want to thank all of you that got in touch with me for your support. It means so much to me.
See you Saturday.


  1. GINGER!
    Your smile and energy has been so missed! It is so great to hear from you! I am sending your ankle all the healing energy I can! Mine is better, and I am trying to be patient and take it slow.. It definitely set my running back - just when I thought I was getting it!
    Hey, I think that I moved near you - I am off of Noel Road, just north of 71st Street and Lafayette Road. If you would like to walk Eagle Creek or anything, please let me know!

  2. Hang in there ... good energy coming your way!

  3. Hi Ginger-

    Chris let us know that your were struggling with an ankle problem- we were all so bummed! We certainly missed the Ginger sparkle at the meeting. As Christine said- we are sending you good vibes and hope you are back at it soon!

  4. I say.... "AT YOUR AGE" you can do any darn thing you want to !! Healing thoughts coming your way.

  5. Got your message today, Ginger. Thanks for the good news. We are all praying for you and in you corner, regardless the outcome.