Saturday, March 7, 2009

10K - it was a really good day

Today was a really good day! I ran in the 10K training run for the Mini - Marathon. I had never run 6.4 miles before and ran it with a time of 61:34. This is so exciting for me. I was totally focused and enjoyed it so much. I learned how to pace myself so I didn't ever feel a struggle. I chose not to listen to my iPod. I have been leaving it behind about half of the time lately, although I do love my tunes while I run. But I wanted to soak up the whole experience. I found that I loved the sound of my fellow runner's feet around me. It hit me immediately when I took off at the start. I was somehow comforted by hearing all those tennies hit the pavement. I found that even if I find a perfect running partner to run stride for stride with me one day, I will never be a talker when I run. When I ran past people that were jabbering away, I didn't like it. I found that it gave me a real sense of satisfaction to pass people! Okay that is my ego talking, but evil Ginger sometimes doesn't cut herself alot of slack! I found that thanking the volunteers and policemen that were out there made me feel really good. I found that walking through the water stations and actually getting the water down my throat was a really good idea! Those 30 second breaks made a world of difference. I also found that my having a husband that is willing to be my roadie is one of life's greatest gifts! Whatta guy!
I know that I've got a long way to go to be ready for May, but I know that my BTWG training will give me what I need to do that.
Sorry to have missed Chris' class and missed being with all of you. But I was there in spirit and I know that you were with me too!


  1. Way to go Ginger! Congrats on your accomplishment!

  2. Ginger,

    If you liked the "atmosphere" of this race, just you wait until the Mini. There is literally a party like feeling to the Mini... only better. It is just one joy filled event. I can't wait to be sharing it with you.


  3. Ginger:
    Congratulations! I love how you describe it all - the sound to feet, parched throat... you are a rock star in my book! :)

  4. Ginger,
    Way to soak up and make the most of every moment!