Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What an Awesome Adventure

We are an awesome bunch. I am sincere in this. I looked around the room on Sunday and was astounded by the transformations ! We were pumpin out push-ups and crankin out sit-ups and running miles in shorter times (in some cases, really shorter times) and all with smiles on our faces. I remember going to the initial fitness test with such trepidation. I know I was not the only one! But Sunday, all I saw was pure joy. There are a few mental snapshots of these 12 weeks that I can draw on when I need inspiration, but the smiles on our faces as we wound this up will be among the strongest. Isn't it wonderful to have done something so important and know that you will be an inspiration to those around you?

Congratulations to all of us! I could not have had a better group to spend the last 12 weeks with!

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